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  • Course Length: 2 Weeks
  • Additional Cost: £145 Per Week
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 Students
  • Hours of Tuition: 15 Hours Per Week
  • Age Range: 13 to 16 Years
  • Lessons: 2 x 90 minutes per day; 5 days a week.
  • Level Required: Intermediate and above.
  • Suitable For: Students who wish to develop their leadership skills, particularly in business and politics.

Download a summary of our Global Young Leaders Course here.

Student delivering a presentation during a Time to Shine presentation skills workshop

Why Choose Global Young Leaders?

Leadership skills are often at the heart of success in professional life. Whether it be business, politics, or performing in the arts, those with confident and skillful communication will often be leading from the front.  Drawing on the strategies and behaviours utilised by contemporary leaders in business and politics, students will learn the foundation of what is required to shape their own personal leadership style. 

What You’ll Learn

Students will focus on building their skills in communication, collaboration, analysis and conflict resolution, as well as their cross-cultural understanding. All students will have the opportunity to apply these skills in public speaking and debating projects during the course, as well as in many other interactive and challenging projects in which their Leadership skills will be tested.

Students delivering a presentation during a Time to Shine presentation skills workshop

How You’ll Learn: Time to Shine

Each week for Global Young Leader’s Time to Shine, students will work together to participate in a research and presentation project. They will all have the opportunity to give presentations based on their own research, and participate in fun and collaborative class competitions.

Students enjoying their lessons at Headington Oxford

What You’ll Take Away

By studying in a student-centred environment, and through a focus on developing 21st century skills, our Headington Oxford students can return home with an enhanced understanding of what it takes to be a Global Leader, better confidence in their communication and presentation skills and with greater motivation to apply these skills to their future learning.

Students enjoying their lessons at Headington Oxford

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