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  • Course Length: 1 to 4 Weeks
  • Additional Cost: £145 Per Week
  • Hours of Tuition: 15 Hours Per Week
  • Class Size: Maximum 15 Students
  • Age Range: 13 to 16 Years
  • Suitable for English Level: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
  • Key Skills Developed: English proficiency, subject knowledge, communication, presentation and research skills

Download a summary of the Summer Study course here.

Two students take part in a project

Why Choose Summer Study?

For students who wish to further develop their English language skills, our Summer Study course provides a great alternative to General English. Through a content-based learning approach, Summer Study assists students in developing their English language skills through a range of subjects including; history, geography and creative writing. Students are challenged by its interesting and topical content, which has been designed specifically for 13 to 16-year old learners by our academic development team. Due to the multinational and communicative environment provided, students will also be able to build on their fluency and confidence in using English.

What You’ll Learn

During the course students will develop their language proficiency by studying the following subjects: English Literature, History, Creative Writing, Science and Geography. This diverse programme draws on a variety of materials, ranging from current scientific debates to famous works of literature, and focuses on spoken interaction through classroom discussions, debates and engaging topic-based activities.

Two Headington Oxford students have a discussion

How You’ll Learn: Time to Shine

Each week, our Summer Study students research and create engaging, thought-provoking presentations, as part of our Time to Shine programme. Through this project, our students can activate their newfound subject knowledge, further develop their understanding of the language surrounding the subjects studied and work together to deliver effective presentations to their peers.

What You’ll Take Away

By the end of the course, our Summer Study students will have improved their English fluency, gained a broader understanding of the subjects studied, and will have developed key research, collaboration and presentation skills through Time to Shine. By studying in a communicative classroom environment, students will also return home with a higher level of confidence in using English.

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