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Activity Programme

In the afternoons, students will take part in either the multi-activity programme where they can choose from a variety of activities. All multi-activity groups are mixed by nationality, allowing students to further develop their confidence in their English skills. Alternatively, students can choose one of five English Plus+ options for an additional cost.  On one afternoon a week there is a whole school activity such as a carnival or fete, where all of the students come together for an afternoon of fun.


The multi-activity programme takes place on campus three afternoons a week. Students are offered a wide variety of activities to take part in including, sport, crafts and music. The activity choices may include:

  • Swimming and Waterpolo
  • Outdoor Sports (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Frisbee)
  • Indoor Sports (Badminton, Dodgeball)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music Workshops
  • Poetry and Blogging
  • Reading and Conversation clubs

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